Death Guard (Re-recorded) (исполнитель: Imperial Age)

I am fear of the Divine, 
I'm the reflection in your eyes,
And I'm the dreams you try to hide
To get a place in paradise.

I'm a force you cannot see,
But I am not a fantasy,
I am the scythe of the Gods,
The master of all earthly lords.
 [bad word] 
Death Guard!
Death Guard!
Death Guard!
When you are in fear
Or in despair
I allways shall be near you
Giving you my strength.
When you are in anger
I shall be your friend
When you are revenging
I whall guide your hand.

Most of mortals fear me,
But there is something they can't see:
If you go to a certain length,
Then I will favour you with strenght.

And if you grow over me
You'll have a chance of being free,
It's up to you to make the choice,
And hearken to your inner voice.
 [bad word] 

*** of the world [bad word] on! Try!
Now we never ***
 [bad word]
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