Отсутствует (исполнитель: Неизвестен)

"Just a few ancient questions left. Mr. L. What the [bad word] is real? Who am i and why not? Why don’t we smell the roses anymore? When do we get another shot? [bad word]  Madly. Magic sun and moon and from sand to dust and dust to earth. Mama. Yours… Voight-Kampff."


Drifting In a world I don’t belong
I miss her, how can i face this life alone?

I do remember
Like it was yesterday
You and me together
Back in a different age

Reaching for the ghosts haunting my mind
Dreaming of the ones I left behind

Hopeless… there is nothing I can do
Knowing I can never be with you again


Why did you bring me back?
Like a lab rat in a maze
i dead or alive?
With all these wires stuck in my brain
Why did you wake me up?
Locked in this virtual jail
Why was I revived?
Is this all some game?
Lost in this maze
Locked in this brain

So this is the end…
Why did you bring me back?
Like a lab rat in a maze
Or maybe a start
I dead or alive?

With all these wires tuck in my brain
So what happens now…
Why did you wake me up?
Locked in this [bad word] jail
Can’t find a way out…
Why was i revived?
Is this all some game?


I could decide to stay here
And dream on forevermore
To live without the danger
And the fear I felt before
life devoid of sadness.
No more suffering and pain
In a realm of make-believe
Within the limts of my brain

But can I really fool myself
(could I thrive inside this lucid dream?)
Into believing I’m still me
(in this mind-machine technology)
synthetic state of consciousness
(could I be a part of this New Real?)
I am therefore I think

Could I dream forevermore
Without the fear I felt before
There’ll be no suffering and pain
Within the confines of my brain

 [bad word] 


I remember dying
Fading into black
I remember dreaming
Of a second chance

The New Real – a paradise?
Inviting – exciting – a new home
The New Real – a web of lies?
Confusion – delusion – I am alone
The New Real – a golden dream?
Serenity – my destiny – a new home
The New Real – a cold machine?
Mistaken – forsaken – I am alone


Please switch me off
I am sure now
I don’t belong
In this New Real

Please shut me down
I am fine now
Thanks for the dream
You can switch me off

Now I know this is not real
I can’t [bad word] the way I feel
I’m alive… but in a dream
I only… a machine?
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