Everyday Normal Crew (исполнитель: Jon Lajoie)

Hey yo! [bad word] NWA (Get the [bad word] outta here). [bad word] Unit  [bad word] that [bad word] . [bad word] D12  [bad word] ).
Get the [bad word] out of the way  [bad word] you [bad word] ).
Normal [bad word] crew  [bad word] ).
Everyday normal crew (what what what what!).

We just a regular everyday normal crew,
You can [bad word] with us ’cause we won’t [bad word] with you.
We just a regular everyday normal crew,
Once a month we get [bad word] and watch Terminator 2.

We just a regular everyday normal crew,
If you’re hot [bad word] we’re too shy to talk to you.
We just a regular everyday normal crew,
And we get joy spending time with our families.

This is my bro J-to the S-O-N yo,
the best at Mike Tyson’s Punch Out on Nintendo.
From Glass Joe to Macho Man, yo he [bad word] [bad word] up,
then Tyson goes down with a star upper-cut.

And he’s also pretty good at Super Mario 3,
but he doesn’t use the flutes cause he doesn’t like cheats.
Like the Contra code that he really doesn’t like,
Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right,
then B, A, B, A, Select, Start you got 30 lives.
He says that [bad word] s for pussies who don’t know how to fight.

Yo this my man cheese, better known as cheese bread,
We call him that ’cause every time he gets out of bed
he puts 5 slices of cheese on 5 slices of bread.
Microwaves that [bad word]  eats it, then goes back to bed.
Sleeps 12 hours a day and he doesn’t like Asian food.
That’s right [bad word]  he doesn’t like Asian food.
He doesn’t like the taste of soy sauce,
personally I love that [bad word] but he does not.

Yo Ben is my friend that owns every DVD
from Goonies to Time Cop to Beverly Hills Cop 3.
Dark Knight, First Knight, Knight’s Tale, and Knight Rider,
He even owns the [bad word] movie Street Fighter.

I borrow them from him I never pay to rent a movie,
as long as I take care of the box and don’t scratch the DVD,
cause last week I borrowed City Slickers and it got scratched,
I was hoping that he wouldn’t notice when I brought it back.
but he did and he was [bad word] so I apologized to him
and he forgave me and I asked him if I could borrow the movie Twins.
He was reluctant to do so, but he knows I love DeVito,
with Schwarzenegger, that’s a [bad [bad word] duo!

We just a regular everyday normal crew,
we own our tickets to Alanis Morissette in June.
We just a regular everyday normal crew,
we bust gats and cadillacs in Grand Theft Auto 2.

We just a regular everyday normal crew,
no party is a party without a Phil Collins too.
We just a regular everyday normal crew,
And when one of us gets a haircut we make fun of them.

Yo this is and he’s a big [bad word] wrestling fan,
Monday Night Raw, Smackdown, and all the [bad word] from the past.
Like Macho Man Randy Savage and Hulkamania,
Every year he travels to attend WrestleMania.

It [bad word] as no surprise that he’s never had ,
but it doesn’t bother him ’cause he has the internet.
He jerks off to freaky [bad word] like 2 Girls 1 Cup,
he’s [bad word] up I tried watching it I [bad word] threw up.

This my [bad word] KC (What the [bad word] did you just call me?),
Sorry…I’ll say friend.

This is my friend KC the only black friend in the crew,
not because we’re racist every race is [bad word] in the group. [bad word] he’s a friend of a friend I don’t know him that well,
but not because he’s black my favorite actors are Denzel…
and Samuel L. Jackson, I also like Bill Paxton,
but not because he’s white, but because of his acting.

This is my friend Cleo, she really likes the Beatles,
her favorite is McCartney and her least favorite is Ringo.
year ago I asked her to go on a date with me she said no,
she said she’d rather just be friends, I started cryin and ran home.
And since then we rarely make eye contact when we speak,
which is awkward ’cause we all hang out at least two times a week.

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