1975-12-08-Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY (исполнитель: Bob Dylan & The Rolling Thunder Review)

01. Good Love Is Hard To Find
02. Introduction
03. Sleazy
04. Hula Hoop
05. Too Good to be Wasted
06. Laissez Faire
07. Life On Mars
08. Band Introduction
09. Alabama Dark 
10. Need New Sun Rising
11. Cindy (When I Get Home)
12. Mercedes Benz
13. Shadows and Light
14. Coyote
15. Edith and the Kingpin
16. Don't [bad word] the Sorrow
17. Bill Franklin
18. Muhammad Ali 
 [bad word] Carter 
20. Mr. Sapier
21. John J. Hooker
22. Many Thanks
23. Ramblin' Jack
24. Muleskinner Blues
25. Pretty Boy Floyd
26. Salt Pork, West Virginia
27. I'm a Ramblin' Boy
28. When I Paint My Masterpiece
29. It Ain't Me Babe
30. Lonesome Death of Hattie Carol
31. Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You
32. It Takes a Lot to Laugh
33. Romance in Durango
34. Isis
35. The Times They Are A-Changing
36. Dark As Dungeon
37. Mama, You Been On My Mind
38. Never Let Me Go
39. I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine
40. I Shall Be Released
41. Diamonds [bad word] 
42. wing Low, Sweet Chariot
43. Billy Rose
44. Joe Hill
45. Long Black Veil
46. [bad word] to Boston
47. Intro to Roberta Flack
48. 25th of Last December
49. Why Don't You Move in With Me
50. Eight Miles High
51. Chestnut Mare
52. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
53. Love Minus Zero
54. Simple Twist Of Fate
55. Oh Sister
56. Hurricane
57. One More Cup of Coffee 
58. Sara
59. Just Like Woman
60. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
61. This Land is Your Land

Primary Personel:
Bob Dylan - vocals, guitar
Bob Neuwirth - guitar, vocals
Joan Baez - vocals, guitar
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - guitar, vocals
Roger McGuinn - guitar, vocals
Ronee Blakley - vocals, piano
T-Bone Burnett - guitar
Steven Soles - guitar
Mick Ronson - guitar
David Mansfield - steel guitar, violin, mandolin, dobro
Scarlet Rivera - violin
Rob Stoner - bass
Howie Wyeth - piano, [bad word] 
Luther Rix - [bad word]  percussion
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