half-boyfriend (исполнитель: jay brannan)

I don t know where we re going
but I know we ve gone too far and
I hope it isn t showing
but I think I love you and
I can t believe you re leaving
just when I let you in and
when you had me believing
I could feel again

I could give a million reasons
why we should not be friends
our moods change like the seasons
when my mood ends your mood begins and
you re a tease, you re a [bad word] 
you re a loudmouth [bad word]  and a big talker,
but that s okay
you ll grow up someday

 [bad word] 
you re the pill I never wanted to take 
an anti-misanthrope
mine was the heart I never thought you would break
my one hope was that I d survive you

I ve shown up for you
in ways that boy never would
but I know you ll go back to him and
maybe you should, but
I hope you don t go backwards
cuz I m going on ahead and
one day you ll wish that you had
stuck with me instead

 [bad word] 

as I wander through union square
I remember when you followed me there
you were the stalker I kinda wanted to have
being your half-boyfriend was only half bad

 [bad word]
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