a day in the life (исполнитель: Madoka`s Rap)

[interviewer or some [bad word] ; We're sitting here today with magical girl Madoka Kaname.
[memedoka]; Hello!
[int.]; So Madoka, what's a day in the life of Madoka Kaname like?
[m]; Y-you really want to know?
[int.]; Please. Tell us.

I kill witches, [bad word]  with my gang of [bad word] [bad word] [bad word] with me or my crew, and you'll get [bad word] stitches!
[some person???? idk]; [bad word]  Madoka, you're a crazy chick!
[m]: Yo, shut the [bad word] up, and suck my [bad word] 
I'm kawaii and badass, so watch your back, [bad word] If you don't think so, I'll [bad word] find and fight you, sucker
[group or smth idk]; What you want, Madoka?
[m]; To find my point!
[group]; What you need, Madoka?
[m]: To blaze a [bad word] joint!
I drink and get high while [bad word] up some [bad word] 
Try and stop me yo, and I'll chop off your [bad word] [bad word] like Mami's head, decapitated and dead
Don't [bad word] with me [bad word]  or all you'll see is red!

[int.]; I'm sorry, Madoka, but are we to believe you drink and get high while  [bad word] up some [bad word] "
[m]; I never said I was a role model.
[int.]; But what about your friends who look up to you? Do you have a message for them?

All my friends who look up to me can go [bad word] Kyuubey
It's Kaname, [bad word]  I'm the one getting paid!
Meguca's sufferin', yeah I already know
'cause I got my contracts and gems ready to go
And all my girls? You know I love all of you!
[megucas]; We love you, Madoka!
[m]; I wanna [bad word] you, too!
[group]; K! 
[m]; For Kaname!
[group]; M!
[m]; For Madoka!
I'll [bad word] on your dreams for fun, you [bad word] 

[int.]; Wow, Madoka. I'm surprised. All of this from magical girl?
[m]; Well, there's a lot you may not know about me.
[int.]; Really? Such as?

When I'm with my [bad word] We always gettin' high 
My wish was for more money
So you only got a dime
I've got a talking cat
You got nothing to lose
I'll [bad word] tear your [bad word] in two
And take a [bad word] 

[idk who this would be but yknow what i dont rly care]; 
Madoka, you are one badass chick  [bad word] yeah!)
And you tell your [bad word] to [bad word] Kyuubey, whenever you want 'em to
And as for the [bad word] use, well I can vouch for that
My [bad word] is scared of you, ohHHhhHhhH

[int]; Ookay. Madoka, one final question. If you could hook up with any magical girl, who would it-
*some gunshot noise or smth*
[m]; No more questions!
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