Ridiculous Pt. II (feat. Redman) (исполнитель: Dope D.O.D.)

produced by Peter Songolo & Posij
 [bad word]  [bad word] officialdopedod

Yo that's some dope [bad word] stinky [bad word] sh...

I am me, I am free

[Verse 1:Jay Reaper]
Try [bad word] with my clique
That [bad word] ridiculous
But me [bad word] with your [bad word] 
That's some deliciousness (mwah)
We're some damned for whatever, new era
Now [bad word]  squeeze them [bad word] together
That's how I like it
But I'mma bring a [bad word] by lightning
Now I am insane on the mikey
All this crazy stuff that I'm writing
I need one mike, Tyson
Beast mode, and I like it
Cheat code, well alright then
Free flow when I breathe smoke
All night and that's ridiculous

[Verse 2 : Dopey Rotten]
 [bad word] back, pull the trigger and bust
I punch straight through your tour bus
Our tees on worldwide corners
We make venues look like saunas [bad word] upon us, I don't think so
You have numbered in tenfold
Breakin' it down in biss Nintendo
Ridiculous facts, don't touch the mic though
Ill white boy, [bad word] we go psycho
Long range got em down with a rifle (rifle)
Right hand on the Bible
No survivor, kill all rivals
 [bad word] with the idols)
Open your eyeballs
 [bad word]  , violence, still in the cycle
(Still homicidal)
My actions are [bad word] with the crew
But there's no one behind you

 [bad word] with my squad, you must be crazy or something
Try to go against the gods, got a couple screws loose
Not knowing who we are, you must be crazy my cousin
It's the Dope D.O.D. on front back up in the booth
And that's ridiculous

 [bad word] 
Ridiculous (x12)
Get your punk [bad word] the [bad word] outta here, cuz

[Verse 3 : Skitz Vicious]
You wanna ridicule us? You know that's ridiculous
I'm in the mix, [bad word] 'round the Desert [bad word] 
Hit em with the Cadillac, Buckethead, Johnny [bad word] Rap
Wavin' with my squat around the flock of bats
And in my sock in Pakistan, a little chronic bag
Pumpin' George Baker on [bad word] old record player
But I'm updated too, I [bad word] with social media
Posting [bad word] pics, while I suffer from chlamydia
And we get rid of you like stain remover
Stick you with a bayonette
And Reggie Noble feels to shoot ya
Of course I brought my cooper
And the rotten, he's with me
Jersey ghost town, [bad word] #39;s ridiculous, you get me?

We shove 'em as we drop 'em straight into the abyss
That [bad word] #39;s ridiculous, that [bad word] #39;s ridiculous
Rappers are so glossy, man, I see it on their lips
That [bad word] #39;s ridiculous, that [bad word] #39;s ridiculous

Pass the [bad word] blunt [bad word] 
Dope D.O.D. and Redman [bad word]  die [bad word] 

[Verse 4: Redman]
Yo, Reggie Noble I'm loaded
So play Jackson and beat it
Feral through universes
I was born an anemic
I turned this to a remix
 [bad word] all in the club, ask us why we get high
She turned down for what, now she twerking the butt
My foot mashing the gas, got to carry the M
Got them after the math
My flow hard to grab, like niggas cathing a cab
Kids wanna be rich, nah, they trappin' in class
Hope you gettin' the picture
Yeah, I'm all in the credit
Reggie and Dope D.O.D. , we all need a medic
Chicks blowing my phone up, using all of my minutes
I pop the [bad word]  [bad word]  and put all of 'em in it
I'm a bad boy, you hear things 'bout to get ugly
I keep the pipes fired up, so it never [bad word] 
Either hate me or love me, Redman gonna kill 'em
Blood beaten down the walls, I'm the Amity Villain

 [bad word] 
Ridiculous (x12)
Get your punk [bad word] the [bad word] outta here, cuz
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