Anesthetized Dissection (feat. Tyler Shelton from Traitors) (исполнитель: Before The Harvest)

Forever screaming, I am the hatred in your heart. 
Manipulating every single word that you speak. 
I burn inside your every whisper, I'm unforgiving. 
This is your reality. 

Your mind is having trouble understanding this new concept so much it’s hard for you to speak. Involuntary spasms. 
Your subconscious is resisting change. 
I am [bad word] everything. 

Hear me now I am the hate that lies within you. 
It's time to wipe those [bad word] smiles right off their faces. 
Upon a warpath I’ve been set by all their actions, bathing in their blood will be my satisfaction. 

Staring into your eyes pried open by my fingertips; your body is reveling in fear. 
It hard to see through those senseless tears of horror now. 
It won’t be long till you die. 

You won’t feel much but when you do let me know so I can laugh at you. 
Peeling back the epidermis of your face, I reveal the mechanics of a poorly designed machine. 
I cannot begin to fathom a time before I felt this way. 
I am more than I was, Hatred Unrestrained. 

Anesthetized Dissection I'm picking you apart with exquisiteness and perfection your rib cage is undone. 
Looking back at all my helpless victim [bad word] to mind that I still have so much time. 

Carving flesh as if it were my purpose. 
Anesthetized dissection, a perversion of mine. 
Carving flesh as if it were my purpose. 
Anesthetized dissection is a perversion of mine. 

Wake up the time is now to be afraid of this entity tearing away at everything that keeps you sane. 
It’s not too [bad word] away or be prepared to suffocate.
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