Get Crazy (official track) (исполнитель: DJ Phil feat. MC Jamay)

Ladies and Gentleman, Moscow city
Listen up yo when [bad word] to
DJ Phil and Mr. Jamay, the original track by iPromo,
Listen up yo, let's get so [bad word] on

Let's get so crazy right now
People are partying Moscow
This time iPromo tonight
Makes everyone allright

That flow makes the start
Girls in the club show what they've got
Please,my god,bless that body
I need to ride her right on the party [bad word] on honey, nice to meet you
 [bad word] closer, i can freak you
Take your girls, i'll take my friends
Crazy party till the happy end
Get your hands up, to the sky
If u did once, make one more time
And make some noise, if party like a dream
You lose your mind, i'll make you scream

Припев     X2
 [bad word] on now
Clubs give me money like the milky cow
DJ plays my crazy hit
If i say u will repeat:
Put your hands up for Moscow
With you heart feel crazy sound                        
put your hands up for Moscow
Al my bithces walk around
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