We Dem Boyz (исполнитель: Мона Лиза,Wiz Khalifa)

[Intro: Wiz Khalifa and (Diddy)]
Hold up, hold up, hold, up
Hold up, hold up, hold, up
We dem boyz
(Yeah, ayo, turn this [bad word] up
Ayo what up Wiz?
You knew someone had to [bad word] remix this [bad word] 

[Hook: Meek Mill]
Hold up, hold up, hold, up
We them boyz
Hold up, hold up, hold, up
We them boyz
Hold up, hold up, hold, up
We makin' noise
Matter fact I’m a grown [bad word] man, [bad word]  kill the noise

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
Been in the corner and shining the street
Nothing [bad word] in between
Me and my money, I get to the that money
I flip through that money, a [bad word]  machine
Look at the haters, I see that they hate us
pull up inside, what’s happenin’ G? What’s happenin’ fly?
Leave with your [bad word] she won’t tell you goodbye
Like hold up, wait a minute [bad word] so good that I stayed up in it
It was so good that I paid to hit it
I paid to visit, got paid to visit
I walked through the club with a parade of niggas
You are not liked cause you paid them niggas
I’m in L.with them Haiti niggas
Mexican, Blood, and some [?] niggas
Like hold up
We was them niggas before them niggas was signed
Hold up
Checking them windows before you knew they was for
Hold up
Me and my niggas [bad word] through that money, it’s nothin’
You was that talk [bad word] all summer
Lookin’ for niggas with large numbers

[Hook: Meek Mill]

[Verse 2: Diddy and (Meek Mill)]
Hold up, hold up, pop the bottle
Hold up, I sip Ciroc like it's Moscato
Hold up, hold up, I like them blasian and mulatto
Hold up, what the [bad word]  You ain't got this in your serato?
Hold up, my neck looking like I stole something
Got your favorite rapper asking ''can I hold something?''
In the back of the back and we in the back in the backseat, the [bad word] (When the racks and the racks and the stacks and the stacks and the [bad word]  )
Give me head, I think she know something
Screaming that ‘’I love you, papi, like my own woman’’
I got old problems spending all this old money
Bread been sitting out so long I call it more money
Hold up, wait a minute
(We came here, [bad word]  look at the way that we pay for niggas
Feel like a bus ‘cause I paid you niggas)
Paid you niggas, you ungrateful niggas
(I’m about to start making you pay for [bad word] 
Turning my swagger up, raised you niggas, it’s Diddy

[Hook: Meek Mill]

[Verse 3: French Montana]
(Haaan) We eating healthy, [bad word] Got your favourite rapper asking for a selfie, [bad word] (Haaan) You can’t be serious
Deny my visa missed that marriage up in Paris
Hold up, hold up, young [bad word] gettin’ money like Pappy Mason
Hold up, hold up, young [bad word] grinding like [?]
And every time you see me I’m on TV, TMZ, Lamborghini
Bare [bad word] with no bikini, Mussolini (haaan)
You talking to them boys
Hold [bad word] out your mouth, niggas sniffing [?]
Hold up, hold up, getting dirty money yelling ‘ [bad word] the Forbes’’
Hold up, I’mma keep it wavy ‘til they free my boys
(Who that, Max B?) Yeah, [bad word] that’s my boy
Hold up, Dream team, [bad word]  we them boys
Wait a minute
Chinx, Meek, Dirt, Puff, [bad word]  we the realest

[Hook: Meek Mill]

(Oh my God that was amazing)
Your [bad word] know it
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