When Will The Forest Speak...? (исполнитель: SikTh)

When Will The Forest Speak... ?

Why can I not sleep?
Why am I turning?
Why are all the trees burning?
Forest fires, crooked liars,
Why am I so sullen and drained?

In the bush, it's raining,
Lost man on his own,
Has anyone thought to save him?

The monkey is waiting in the tree
Counts to three
Hearing the sound of the fume-fuelled wagon
He leaps on the back...
Attack! Attack! Attack!
No old heathen, not today.

The rain falls upon the acidic trees of the millennium scorn
The fire has vanished, leaving behind a trail of death for all to see.
The birds & the trees, then you & me
Lay twitching on the forest floor.
The yeti is waiting for us to take us into his home,
Care for us just like one of his own.

Wild bones!
Wild bones!

Wait! The yeti no longer has a home
The trees are gone & nothing has grown.
table, a chair, an internet nightmare,
When will the forest speak?
When all is dried up and way too weak?

Wait for nightfall, it's so beautiful out here.
Up high in a wave of oxygen love I sit,
Up high on this glorified cement postcard I spit.
I spit, I spit upon thee.

Wait for your red skies,
Wait for the red skies,
Do you know how it feels to be alive?
Let me know, let me know how you feel...
When will the forest speak?
When the trees are dried up and way too weak?

Wasting a life on calculations,
Not enough money for operations,
Waste of life, statistics, plastic soldiers
Sound of [bad word] together.
All the people gather.

Wait for the man, he must have a plan,
Show me and make me a smile I can wear.
Me & you we can make up too,
No use for hate if you're wearing my shoes.

Be happy, be sad, be a wild rotten lamb,
Don't bother me now, I'm drenched to the bone.

sound of a [bad word] and an axe and a fall
Of a tree and a life and a planet so small
Sick to the bone of your dour heart of stone.
Let me know how you feel...

You say it's too hot so you can take off your top
clank of a slot machine, coins bled unclean.

beaten old lizard staggers over the road,
hand and a heart, the lake in the park,
The candle won't light and the fire won't spark.

I'm worn and I'm torn but I still carry on.
The money is angry, the money has taken the...

Watching mayhem leaping from [bad word] to [bad word] 
This is where he rejoins his friends.
They feast, they drink, they talk about
How things used to be...

I still can't sleep.
I still can't sleep.
I still can't sleep.

million minds and a million voices
million thoughts, and only one choice.
The need to find peace.
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