Keeping me high (исполнитель: Jerrra Blues)

I’m honestly not gonna lie 
Explore you for a little while 
Aware of records on your file 
And I want you so bad cuz I know you so good 
Your image lingers in my mind 
Which is infected by your pride 
Continue with another rhyme 

And its driving me crazy 
That feeling is blazing 
I need you to keep me high 
So please love me or hate me 
Take me or break me 
Just don’t lie to me baby don’t ever lie

Of jealousy don’t be afraid 
If I didn’t [bad word] I wouldn’t date 
I’ll give you freedom to create 
I’ll support you on that I will filter the [bad word] 
 Serenity may devastate 
I would prefer to be insane 
And get a winner in my plate 

Cuz it driving me crazy 
That feeling was blazing 
I need you to keep me high 
But I quit my anticipation 
Finally facing 
It was real and you had me for blind

The way I’m sipping on a red wine 
I feel the hit so then I look fine 
To not be thinking of your picking and of your lie 
Cuz it kinda hurt you know 
I realize we different but you strive 
Looking for something that you not gonna find 
So then you stab me in a back with a knife 
And the pain is tend to grow 
It was gonna happen anytime soon anyway 
Moon was the last doom 
Emotional zoom 
I really need a broom to take all of this out my head 
Appearance was getting sad 
My word let it to the end 
I’m so tired of all that [bad word] 
And I’m like – baby I miss you so 
And he’s like – can’t take this anymore 
And we like – we gotta bring it back 
But when you cheated on me you cheated on yourself 
All people make mistakes 
Don’t waste no time for hate 
I live with no regrets 
But the memories still in my head

It used to driving me crazy 
That feeling was blazing 
You knew how to treat me right 
Days were lost in a maze but nights were amazing 
Maybe we’ll reunite sometime in another life
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Jerrra Blues - Keeping me high?
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