Abacus (HeDawn Future Screw Edit) (Boosted) (исполнитель: Shahmen)

[Verse 1: Shahmen]
Somewhere the sun sets out on my silhouette [bad word] sets pound to the sound in my filament
Deep to the ground every town I be killing it
Pound over ounce I was built for the real in this
Bring 'em back to life with a knife made of healer spit
Fly through my mind it is time that you feeling this
I ain't gotta lie this is life on the realest [bad word] Wake up everyday and get blazed 'till the ceiling lifts
Now I'm on my grind and the factory is dealing [bad word] 'Bout to stash cash in the bag on some legal [bad word] But I ain't got a dime I can hide from the evilness
Every rack I stack take me back to where the demons live

[Verse 2: Shahmen]
So smoke a sack with the geniuses
Open up and ask where the past be leading us
Try and do the math, and you add what the meaning is
All I do is laugh while the past be leaving us
Sharp on my math as an abacus
Try and slide the wrong way wind up being smashed to dust
We goin' raise like we [bad word] Blaze through the game and watch the fame chase after us
Four finger ring reach king can you imagine us
Sitting at the castle where the cats can't hassle us
Vision the pattern that are living, us
Break 'em down to tatters build 'em back and watch 'em give it up
You know we goin' get it punk
Live 22 years just to find the kid in us
All them other years I was clear, I was growing up
Killing off my fears as I steered through the going rough
Fear through the years as my peers started blowing up
Knew I'd be there and gone passed from the soul in us
Treasure turns to trash from the gold in us
But all will turn to ash if I pass what I'm holding from

This is for the one, raising out the [bad word] This is for it all, everything is God
This is for my life, shining through the night
This is for the dice, on everything I write (x4)
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