There Will Be Blood (feat. Madd Maxxx & Fetus) (исполнитель: GrewSum)

[Verse 1: Madd Maxxx]
Swingin' baseball bats with blades attached
I fade to black as my eyes roll back
And I wrap sharpened devices are strapped to ya face and your back
When they snap, your body gonna lay out in scraps
I'm a jigsaw killa, yelling won't help
By the time that I'm finished
You gonna wanna kill yourself
But it's not that simple
Vice grips will make your brain squirt outta your skull
Like I popped a pimple [bad word] I can see you scared
And when you gone we can see who cares
Holes in your chest so when I look in I see through there
Blood and guts mixed with [bad word] slowly drip down the chair
That I tied you to, I confide in you
I know your family is out there and I find them too
By the time I'm through ain't tell what would cover it
I love how you're gurgling
In plasma you're covered in

[Hook x3: Grewsum]
There will be blood
There will be death
And there will be guts
They will be stretched
I'mma kill these punks
They're will be dead
By the time I’m done
Homicide Live 1

[Verse 2: Grewsum]
It ain't about what you got it's not burglary
It's about seein' that blood red burgundy
It's about seein' that blood squirt vertically
It's about turnin' your home to a murder scene
I'm a fiend for the blood and the guts
I'm obscene when I'm cuttin' you up
Like a scene outta movie on the screen when you scream
It’ll [bad word] seem evil after couple of cuts
I'm a sick [bad word] make you wish you never had a spine
3-murder spree, my bloody valentine, my bloody valentine
I don't really know the reason but you have to die
I'm not a killer that'll answer when you ask him why
I'm out my mind I dont really know what happened
It's like all of the sudden I just love stabbin'
Love slashin', love the sound of blood splashin'
Love gashin', people till they're just fragments


[Verse 3: FETUS]
Yo, I'm psychotic, half crazy and full skitzo
My dogs, they want beef but no pitbull
I'm that [bad word] in church
In all black and a six robe (?)
Wearin' a trench coat
Layin' the white in me out tenfold
Somebody stop me, my rage amassed in my dark place
I’m slow but I bet I can make your heart race
Hold up, now who the [bad word] wanna throw fists?
I fold niggas, so you can suck on your own [bad word] I won't hit em, when I'm holdin' a chrome grip
And it won’t slip when I crack your skull to the bone ribs
There will be blood, niggas that I've assaulted, faulted
I'mma pops, I roll with prone click
But I'm so sick, quickly devour, give me the power
And I won't miss, choke as you swallow my whole fist
I'm a known risk, society's black plague
Could they cut me down?
Shaving my face with a cracked blade

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