Hard Corps (Marine Version) (исполнитель: The Warrior Song)

The eagle born to those who pledge their lives and sacred honor,

was smiled upon god and freed from chains and iron collar.

He is held aloft on unity and by history revered,

for preserving peace through strength his wings now reach across 200 years.

But for each of those and one year more,

God has smiled upon the Corps,

From the Barbary coast to the eastern sands,

by sword or gun or by bare hand.

So it's been and shall be weighed,

though many are born, "Few are Made"

Faithful always they shall remain,

dogs to loose when war is waged.


I am a Marine on the beach, I'm a killing machine,

with a need to bleed you when the light goes green.

Best believe I'm in a zone to be,

from my yen to my yang to my Yang Tze.

Put a grin on my [bad word] to me.

cuz I'll win I'm one-of-a-kind and I'll bring death to the place your about to be.

Another river of [bad word] under my feet.

Forged in a fire lit long ago,

Stand next to me, you'll never stand alone.

I'm last to leave but the first to go,

hard Corps is the only way I know.

I feed on the fear of the devil inside,

of the enemy faces in my sights.

Aim with the hand, shoot withe the mind,

kill with a heart like Arctic ice.


I am a devil dog, I'm marching on (x2)

I am a warrior and this is my song(x2)


I bask in the glow of the rising war

lay waste to the ground of an enemy shore.

wade through the blood spilled on the floor,

and if another one stands, I'll kill some more.

Bullet in the breech and a fire in me,

like a cigarette thrown to gasoline.

If death don't bring you fear, then death aint brought by no Marine. [bad word] to the [bad word] to me.

deep down in the dark, where the devil be.

In the maw with the jaws and the razor teeth,

where the brimstone burns and the angel weeps.

Call to the gods if I cross your path, and my silhouette hangs like a body bag.

Hope is a moment now long past.

The shadow of death is the one I cast.


I am a devil dog, I'm marching on

I am a warrior and this is my song
 [bad word] has no demon I won't [bad word] 

I am a warrior and this is my song.


"for more than 200 years our Corps has done 2 things for this great nation....We make Marines, and we win battles. Never forget that... Your 1st Marines, and not all [bad word] in [bad word] can [bad word] you."


Now I live lean and I mean to inflict the grief,

And the least of me's still out of your reach.

The killing machine's gonna do the deed,

until the [bad word] dry and my last breath leaves.

Chin in the air with a head held high,

I'll stand in the path of the enemy line.

Feel no fear, know my pride:

For god and country, I'll end your life...


I am a devil dog I'm marching on, I am a warrior and this is my song.
 [bad word] has no demon I won't [bad word]  I am a warrior and this is my song.

I'll make the devil himself, turn [bad word]  I am a warrior and this is my song.

Into the fire I will keep marching on, Ooorah, Marine Corps! Get some!!!

Take me to the brig....so I can see the real Marines.
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