Runnin (исполнитель: Heartless Bastards)

For every calm there is a storm
 But it is often out of view
 It changes paths it changes forms
 Just like our souls
 Like they often do
 Broke the calm, strain my back
 I was born, driving by fear
 And I don't think I'll ever understand
 But I know I'll [bad word] for years
 I hope there's a higher ground
 Because I'm going steadily down
 And I know I'll be alright
 If I just get through the night
 I love your way, I love you baby, don't mean maybe
 I love your way, and oh you brighten and enlighten
 I've been walking, I've been walking sideways
 Walking down the street
 And I won';t look back to another minute
 Because there's nothing left to see
 I took the long way
 Oh I took the long way
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Heartless Bastards - Runnin?
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