Forget (исполнитель: Sandpeople)

 I live within these blinders, constant reminders
 to focus on myself, the hope is that it helps
 To force somebody else to take that first step
 and be a torch, my guiding light ain't been used yet
 it's like, I'm more content to keep this world turning
 than to stop for a second and address that there is hurting
 I'd rather attack someone that's not
 because there's jealousy within me for these crabs in the pot
 The passionate flock follow the leader
 'til you crash through a stock
 your bag's being watched
 but that's okay, you keep looking ahead
 when living for the day's been made officially dead
 We'll administer the blame, get you [bad word] for the chains
 Spend a minute, minuscule amount of time for the grains
 of sand that pass through the glass, leaving us forgetful
 it's easy not to think of other people
 [bad word] (Ethic first time/Sapient second time):
(The past) Forget it, nothing is permanent
(We ask) Forgiveness, overlook earning it
(Attack) the innocent, embrace death
 when you're living in the future, it's easy to forget x2

Electronic screens will teach him spatial intelligence
but the negative elements, some [bad word] to skip
not forced to think, mind blank, face the television
games don't portray that tanks make the skeletons
 In real life the little child doesn't realise
 what a bullet hit in your skin could feel like
 he kills time, if he gets shot in the game [bad word] back
 but if he gets shot in the face then he'll die
 Might as well buy him a toy machine gun
 so he can dream of fatigues and blowing things up
 we must remember what brings us to the end
 is over-pleasing of the flesh and the people we neglect

 It's easy to forget what we go to work for
 it's easy to forget to put your best foot forward
 They outsource the work force, beat the workhorse dead
 misled by the dreams that we work towards
 You can find 'em on the corner, slinging
 we forgot we gave our students second-class education
 Separate the ignorance, what we're all forgetting
 is at one time everyone's bloodline was immigrant
 We won't forget the day that they hijacked the airplanes
 forgot it was in striking distance of Virginia airbase
 to paraphrase, we shoulda shot 'em down, but didn't
 we at war with ourselves, don't forget it

 Forget it, nothing is permanent
 Forgiveness, overlook earning it
 The innocent embrace death
 when you're living in the future it's easy to forget
 [bad word] 
 I stole this rhythm from the [bad word] sky
 laying down on broken concrete
 and let the rain hit my open eyes
 Third time's a charm
 if you're open wide, rotate the dial
 'til you locate the broken vial
 New-school Unabomber, do not touch signs
 living in the land full of too-long bus rides
 How could you expect us not to bust nine
 when guns can cost less than rent and last a month's time [bad word] past the fence, I must've bumped mine
 you're flagged down [...]
 Trapped in traffic, punch the warp drive
 and once the brakes work, urge the van to the side of the dirt
 It's not like getting mad when you stain a white shirt
 and nobody wanna die, we afraid it might hurt
 it's time to turn tides and every day is like work
 sitting too close to lights and you might get burnt

 Forget it, nothing is permanent
 Forgiveness, overlook earning it
 The innocent embrace death
 when you're living in the future it's easy to forget
 [bad word]
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