Southern Cross (исполнитель: David Broza)

Lyrics by Townes Van Zandt 
Music by David Broza

I don’t like their way of livin’ 
I just don’t care anymore 
I’m headed back 
To the banks of Illidor 
Pack me up some things 
Get a guitar that sings 
Ride a jalopy out to the West 
I’ll fi nd me a girl 
Lay my head upon the fl oor 
Let her send me to rest 
I’ll buy the bullets 
If she has a gun 
I’m tired – I’m tired 
Of the morning sun 
I want to see the moon 
When it rises above 
The last girl – I’ll ever love 
Well the green of the city 
Ain’t the green of the land 
Aw I’m still young 
But I’m green as I can 
But I tend to get dark 
And I tend to go far 
As far as the nearest 
Wyoming bar 
You can have your cities 
You can have your buildings too 
Boy I tell you – 
My life here is through 
I’ll fi nd the highest mountain 
Find a way up above 
And [bad word] down again  [bad word] down again 
Oh, don’t you miss me 
After I’m gone 
You got all my money anyway 
Aw you got my kids 
My house too 
Ain’t no reason for me to stay 
But if you ever dream 
You’re all alone 
Just remember my name 
Know I’m fl ying 
With the Southern Cross  [bad word] back again 
But my love won’t leave 
I’ll never leave 
I’ll always be here with you 
But ever you should fi nd my grave 
It’ll be covered with the morning dew 
And the dew won’t be 
The dew from above 
It’ll be the dew from below 
It’s born from my tears 
My love and my fears 
And now I have to go 
Now I’m bound to go 
The last girl – I’ll ever love 
The last girl – I’ll ever love
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