Gravestone (минус) (исполнитель: Deuce)

Never was a killer but I’ve spilled enough blood.
Never thought I’d be the one,
to sweep your [bad word]  ashes underneath [bad word]  [bad word] and people go,
but I ain’t people, so tell your people
when they see me, they go feel the evil.
You miss the past, thought them city lights would make you last,
now you’re saying rest in peace, packin’ all your bags.
Say goodbye, say goodbye, but save your last dance,
take your last glance at me now, it’s your chance.
 [bad word] 
Goodbye, goodbye, everything will be alright.
Goodbye, goodbye, I promise I’ll be by your side.
Goodbye, goodbye and rest in peace alone,
I wouldn’t put a [bad word]  flower on your gravestone (if you died)

I used to be the boy, the only boy my mama had.
Now I’m sittin’ in this house underneath what passed.
Clayton Ave., where we used to drink and laugh.
Thinkin’ what happened, how’d it happen, how I didn’t see the past.
Seemed like it happened all to fast, thinkin’ Sigh was my mast,
I was caught up, lost in the mask.
Now its dark and now its black, I miss the contrast,
you say its black and white? black and white my [bad word] 
And in these moments I’ve been wrong,
these moments seem so long,
tickin’ on the clock ‘till the moments gone.
And I don’t wanna go back,
relapse the day, collapse the veins,
while I’m lookin’ down the drain.
 [bad word] 
See my conscience don’t work no more, it don’t hurt no more,
and it don’t hurt to see you lyin’, it don’t work no more.
So when I’m saying “stay away”, realize I ain’t [bad word]  playin’,
younger like my younger days, maybe hungry but I’m crazed,
raised by criminial ways, hear the chandelier break,
it ain’t no mistake I’m waiting on Alana’s grave.
Ink and pictures for my veins, ain’t no [bad word]  ink for Jane,
inkin’ for my brother reign, on my arm you’ll see the same.
And if I never see your face I will always feel the same,
divide me from the wrong so when I’m gone my spirits will live on,
let my lyrics show you God. (show you God)
 [bad word]
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