Better Off (исполнитель: Hendersin)

And so the questions that you’ve chose to ask
“Will it be better where we’re going?”
And though the answer I don’t know, for a fact
Still my heart is saying, “Ohh-Yeah”

[Verse 1:]
Still just taking it, one day at a time
Still don’t know what I’m trying to find
Really I don’t mind cause I’ll be fine, yeah I’ll be fine, Yeah
No longer focused on yesterday
And I don’t care, the rest will say, whatever they want
What’s left to say, what’s left to say?

[Hendersin Hook:]
Cause I’m lea-ving
All the pain
That they bea-ming
What I’m trying to say, belie-ving
I can find a way, aye
And I’m drea-ming
No need to show me how the rea-son
You can’t slow me down, sei-zing, the moment only now
So we gon’be

Da-da-da-da-da-better-off, we’ll be better off
Da-da-da-da-da-better-off, we’ll be better off

[Verse 2:]
Still not sure about what I’ll be
Still can’t believe everything I see
If I’m gonna stay down, well it’s up to me, it’s up to me, yeah
Living in a world [bad word] with greed
?Not what I want but everything I need?
I’m working hard till the day I succeed the day I succeed

[Hendersin – Hook]
[Main – Hook]

[Verse 3:]
Yeah the junior always wanna be the senior
I swear that the grass looks greener
Want to change your demeanor, looking like John Cena
girl that is fast with an [bad word] that looks like Trina
Do exactly what you need to do
But you can’t have your cake and eat it too
And I swear the very second [bad word] Is when the thing that we work for, is the thing we obtain, yeah
-And I don’t understand why
You always wanna change the past
It’s not having what you want
It’s wanting what you have
I might not pop bottles in the night club
Or blow up the same way like Mike Stud
When life hits me in the face like a right snub
If you were late it’s alright cause

We’ll be better off
In the end [bad word] me
When it’s all said and done
We’ll be okay
Team henny
October Skies
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