Through Chaos And Solitude I Came... (исполнитель: Woods Of Ypres)

Ripping down the valley of asphalt
 Through a brainstorm of snow and ice
 Where dynamite blasted the Canadian Shield, I ride
 Highways 17 and 69

 I understand the relation
 Of black metal and modern life
 How a cold winter scene
 Can inspire distortion and screams

 I am equal parts blood and ice
 I am just as much man as tree
 Through chaos and solitude I came
 To [bad word] this black metal being

 Each day I could see the changes
 Each day I became more extreme
 I understood how the sight of nature
 Could inspire the sound of machines

 I’ve traveled over dynamic earth at night
 On highways 17 and 69
 For the beauty of nature can lift my spirits
 Even in the dead of winter.

 Modern life can drive us to scream for the trees…(in harmony)
 For those of us who can’t find peace, at least we can have a release.

 I understand the translation
 Universal in human nature
 [bad word] expression and interpretation
 Of Black Metal and modern life

 Focused and strong
 Without distraction, I look within
 No one to talk me out of what I believe
 Without reaction, I proceed.

 I was on my own and alone to decide
 Black metal was all that mattered, at the time
 I found faith inspired by nature
 And I was defined.

 On this northern highway, under the starry sky
 Mine was a cold, nocturnal, winter ride

 And in the distance…
 stranger flashed his lights…
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