03. Deep as the Seas Sleepless (исполнитель: )

[bad word]  [bad word] shhgroup

When you're loving me I feel like hugging trees and touching the breeze
 [bad word] speechlessly teaching me the deepest of emotions
I'm breathing and coasting on a seamless ocean
Burgeons blossom and bloom into beautiful and awesome tunes
resonating with the frequencies of fractal flower of life patterns in the lights fabric
embedded in the darkness I see it gleaming refracted in your irises
in your pupils absorbing the matter and information like black holes
I wish to tutor them but [bad word] you're a symphony too intricately intense to decipher
every glance I steal of your demeanour makes me beam and exude particles of happiness [bad word] into articles of passive chi actively channelled
unravelled like mantric ladders leading to galaxies maravilhosas
like Iboga trances vocal dances in throats from beings in golden mansions
with scrolls entrancing souls enchanted you make me noble like Sanskrit odes
in strands glowing you're my tantrically bold panther
I smile and my joy stretches into infinitely unfolding expanses
trillions of miles soaring effortlessly in synchronicities untold
glancing into spilling vials roaring breathlessly in cascading waterfalls
I bask and bathe in your aura gorgeous it's sort of sordid how I've masked my crazes
but madness made me the gladdest of patrons you're my laughing maiden
more than flawless you leave me bested and restless
when I'm not blessed with your presence bereft of your essence
still I will thrive in these lively surroundings you guide me and ground me
I abide by the sounds inside me and the skies astounding
your eyes are boundless I dive into your countenance
and breathe deep as the seas sleepless meet and greet my Destiny's secrets
professed in these speeches etched in the teachings of black magicians
casting wisdom from magic cisterns I laugh at the paths I missed to notice
you're my blissful ocean my masterful mistress potent flawless goddess
Bast of Egyptian omens my mystery like a kiss from solstice
I exist unnoticed when I'm not with you I'm a ghostly gist lonely misfit
atone me & lift me from [bad word] grow with me & wish me well
like wishing wells from mystic elven kingdoms' spells & mists
I meld into the prisms of these tales' existence [bad word] you to listen as I braille you these gifted wails
I'd be listless and pale without you, what my mouth is spouting
Is the waters from fountains of Life eternal You're quite supernal like Light nocturnal
You're the Night that's burning within me Purging my sins till I'm empty & pure again
Nothing could tempt me or lure me into sins That I can not battle,
Death can not rattle or shake my convictions like snakes in the midst of tall grass
I once was drifting on a war path, but now I dwell in ahimsa
I swell in the distance like majestic gusts of wind on the sea
Forming into a tempest, [bad word] into the deep storms of our senses
We were born to remember it all from the beginning
Till the Fall of the Ending only to be reborn anew
In the Dawn of a new Cosmic dew drop
I would follow you through the Apocalypse
like a [bad word] prophet, watch as the veil was lifted
You taught me to transmute my godlessness & frailness in the Abyss
Into wafting tales of Bliss
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