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Jefferson Airplane – Bless Its Pointed Little Head
Vinyl, LP, Album, USA
RCA Victor – P8S-1431
Release: 1969
Recorded Nov 28–30, 1968, At Fillmore East

Marty Balin: Vocals
Jack Casady: Bass
Spencer Dryden: [bad word]  Percussion
Paul Kantner: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Jorma Kaukonen: Lead guitar, Vocals
Grace Slick: Vocals

There are always just a few pebbles
In the middle of a stream
When it's trying to be a flowing mother

Oh she blows she blows
Nobody knows
Oh there she goes
Nobody knows

Then [bad word] a little tiny
Animal nipping a
Few drops out of her side
Just a few drops from her side

She [bad word] She could stay
But the days not right and so she's gonna move
Let me tell you gonna move
Let me tell you how I'm gonna move along
Out away

But ahhhh
There's a [bad word] along with a jacket on
Long gun in his hand
I said there was a [bad word] on
With a red jacket on
And a big long gun in his hand

Got a sledge hammer
All he needs is one head
Just one sledge hammer baby and all
All them animals is dead
Yeah dead

But why not keep the little animals alive?
Why not?
I say why not?

And don't you worry 'bout being sentimental honey
They're just an animal you want to keep alive
Keep alive

And give it to you what I have
Give it to me
Give to you yeah
And give it to me

You know how good it feels when somebody gives it to you
Yeah, it feels good when somebody gives it to you.
Gives it to you right here.

Tell me how it feels.
When somebody gives it to you good.

Oh you could listen
To a thousand different reasons
Why you can't go.
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