Unleashing My Hate (исполнитель: Ira De Tristeza)


My Hate
New day and losses again, on city streets danger it so.
Something Is no time omnipotent could, but actually all is a trifle, and do not worry for the souls.
My Hate
To get off the contract hardly it will be possible,
And having gathered with forces
The fog will disperse and will see in the distance.
The image of a shade washed away by blood.
To you can be will seem that something not so.
Bitterns to poison, something can will change.
Illusions will dissolved, will turn to a dust. And waves of memoirs will demand payment for the caused pain.
My Hate
We have chosen not that road and to deliberate late, papers have signed and about all have told lies. The words of honour from our lips sounded
My Hate
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