Отсутствует (исполнитель: Неизвестен)

-We are lost in sanity;-
-We have lost insanity-
(Inspired by Don Quixote de La Mancha)

restless wind turns
As troubled waters churn
Blind vision unfurls anon
With the mantle of prophecy

Battling sailless windmills(X2)

Peons his peers
As he to they may appear
The paragon of trickery
Upon the altar of ignominy

Battling sailless windmills

And the lisp of cherished lips
Lifts the lilt of idiocracy
His raiment of white
Tainted black with hypocrisy

Hating the hated, hateful of hatred
Reflecting an eye to see
Through the veil of mediocrity

silver tongue wagging
To pretentions visionary
Splits the tangent with sermons of perfidy
And so now forked, swallowed and choked
Retched back for a new soliloquy

"Sanity may be madness
But maddest of all is
To see life as it is
And not as it should be"

*Lead - Dan Mongrain*

His face a polished mask
Cracks a line in the glass
Reflecting back
So the eye can now see
Through the veil of

Battling sailless windmills(X2)

For he is no more than they
To him [bad word] fair prey
Even if he so aspires
Entombed in lofty spires

Battling sailless windmills

soul riddled with scars
With the mien of mortuaries
To the bitter pride
Of tuberculosis

Hating the hated
Hateful of hatred
Reflecting an eye to see
Through the veil of mediocrity

Perched above so high
Air alone to impress
And vainglorious
Waiting for praise.
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