Most Def (исполнитель: Onyx)

Cause right now you’re gonna vibe, money
Know what I’m sayin? New York style we just vibein
Smoke mad L’s, wide open, we gone vibe

I ain’t never had so many def threats in one year
But talk is cheap and [bad word] out my other ear
To show us there’s still a devil in [bad word] I’m still here to go first
But not least from the east or (Revere!)
Cause that’s the last drew now that [bad word] is mine
You bit off more than you can chew so now I gotta draw the line
See first of all we most definitely number 1 with a bullet or in the bullet

[Sticky Fingaz]
Yo I got ESP you’re barkin up the wrong tree
But I’m not crazy don’t flatter me
Cause I’ll get arrested for assault and battery
And I can’t stand cops; [bad word] don’t they annoy you?
I need the balls of steel let’s have a battle royal
The more the challengers, the more the merrier
No not you use a amateur
Just empty the register
And if it was a fifth, then we’d all be stoned
But if I don’t drink and drive then how the [bad word] am I gone get home?
I can’t stop smokin weed cause I ain’t no quitter
Since it’s killin my brain cells maybe I should reconsider (You wouldn’t
Nah, but all the non-fixture niggas is you in here?
 [bad word] 
Most def most def
We goin all out
Most def most def
Smoke blunts till we fall out
Most def most def [bad word] indeed
No quest most def
Do you pack heat?
Most def most def
Do you know the street?
Most def most def
With the street you can beat
Most def-innate [bad word] indeed
No quest most def

[Fredro Starr]
Fredro Starr
I’m mad as [bad word] I bust a [bad word] ask a [bad word] [bad word] him wit [bad word] I [bad word] him up good, just to smoke a L
Make my day [bad word] on)
Take me away
And yo [bad word]  we about to steal [bad word]  while niggas kill [bad word] So excuse me, I try smoke the [bad word] behind my back
Strength in you to pull me out down to the last barrel
Why the [bad word] you lookin through the barrel?
George the Animal kick [bad word] for the annual
You need to read the official nasty annual
Probably check charley horses chest on your check
Black [bad word] s  is set to set to [bad word] [bad word] [bad word] records
Why you even suppose to expect to sell
Official [bad word] niggas land in yo chest
 [bad word] 
Do you get cash?
Most def most def
Do you think fast?
Most def most def
Are you ready to blast?
Most def most def [bad word] indeed
No quest most def
Onyx is the best
Most def most def
Cause our [bad word] stay fresh
Most def most def
Do we smoke stress?
(fight breaks out)

[Sticky Fingaz]
You’ve got one two three emcees
That win high degrees
And decease these G’s
Notes, I’ma drop the boat that make emcees croat
Murder one wrote that’s all you talk about rhymes and try to vote
Hope he don’t resuscitate
Tryin to reproduplicate, the great, one Sunday rappers, I’m gonna 
(He gets up) getting up my weight and blue to take
None of my victims will recuperate
I got so much getaway style to be seen on any trial
On a drift to keep your heart up on a vibe that’s been up, [bad word] If a punk sorry excuse of an emcee step to sonny, it’s R.I.Pieces
Believe it’s the fetus, the one that’s on Sunday
Cease the paper I got to get it I’m addicted *Echoes*
Rappin at sets I’m pickin pockets the way you got ankles
Get me that lack of extinction (Thank you)
Smellin those crispy lips give me chill in my soul
Before I know, I’m out of control
Give me a joint to hold and learn [bad word] Lights camera action where’s a L, roll em
That’s a roll em, I’ll go solo, Squats a hoe so I’ll go soon
I can’t give a [bad word] at times when I [bad word] no luck
But if I ever got jammed for a scheme, I’ma scrap
I’m goin out like O.J. but I’ma stay on the man *Echoes*
 [bad word] 
Do you understand?
Most def most def’
Word up
Most def most def
(Background fighting)
Most def most def
(Background fighting)
No quest mo
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