The Great Escape (pt.1) (По мотивам поэмы Х.Мартинсона "Аниара") (исполнитель: Seventh Wonder)

[I. ...and The Earth Wept]

 I tuck you in ever so gently
 Still you cried and turned from me
 You stepped on my heart
 I forgave you just like mothers do
 From under your shoes I still carried you

 Soon my body will burn into ashes and dust
 And rain will turn all that glitter [bad word]  One last pill for the pain
 Sit down, let me explain...

 Why my [bad word] stay
 My child I know you never meant to...
 These scars just won't fade away
 And I'm sure you never knew

 I give up, I give in
 Help December let a new year begin
 Take what's left and move on
 Fly away
 Be gone...

[II. Poisoned Land]
 [bad word] 

[III. Leaving Home]

 The morrow winds blow and herald a time
 When man will be damned for all his crime
 We all were too bold, now we all can see
 How the lifegiver's bleeding to death before me

 I am packing my bags, I'm waiting in line
 This tragedy forces us away from this land
 As I board this creature of steel,
 I kiss her goodbye, give her time to heal

[IV. Take-off]

 Loud sirens wail to send a
 Goldonder towards the light
 Leaving the ground we bathe in starlight
 While heading for oceans of night

 Safe in Aniara's warm and tender care we ride
 Eight thousand hearts that fled the fires
 For a life at a distant home

[V. Turn For The Worst]

 swerve to clear the Hondo stone
 (Now we proclaim it known)
 Took us off course came too wide of Mars to turn back home
 There's no turning back, guiding units broke and cracked
 We will never win this game

 From pledges and bonds, our system of suns
 Locked down in the vaulted gateways
 I thousands of years ram through the final frontier
 The Lyre greets us there

 Our ship at drift into the void
 Through nothingness deployed
 With an empty star [bad word] aware
 Our lives destroyed
 Fears are hard to hide, praying as denial subsides
 We can never win this game

 From pledges and bonds...
 moth to a flame

[VI. New Balance]

 Glass-like is the stare encircling us
 The system of stars hang frozen still
 ...a gaze through the window
 Six years down we still feign dawn and sunset
 But space no light will spawn
 ...eternally darker

 Now setting sails
 But never know the worlds she's trading
 Where the life belongs
 Mima lead the way;

 Shine your light, be a beacon of hope at night
 Be our guide, I need what you're doing to me
 Shine your light, blind us when reality bites
 We so need the magic she does

 I asked me a question, no reply
 I dream me a life then lived a lie
 ...dream me a nightmare
 I traveled the stars but passed them by
 For trapped on Aniara, here was I
 ...always been leaving

 We sit and stare,
 At all the marvels that she brings us
 Lights the life in you
 Mima lead the way;

 Shine your light, be a beacon of hope at night
 Perfect grace in the barren house of space
 Shine your light, blind us when reality bites
 Mima, save us from seeing ourselves

[VII. Death Of The Goddesses]

 Inside the Mima's eyes, we lived our lives
 Then like an arrow through this jest
 Destiny sent us a greeting from home, let us see;

 We have no home anymore
 While Mima showed the final war
 Her circuits bled and fried, as our mother died
 She's darkened by our sins
 We begin to realize it

 When I saw home so blue, be torn in two
 All by the hands of her own child
 Humanity; the festering cancer that
 Dug her own grave

 We have no home anymore...
 She couldn't bear to see what will be
 Our haven's dying

 I couldn't them if I tried
 As they [bad word] to see her die
 Chaos, panic, people fight
 I can't see, I will not, I won't
 Our way of life is overthrown
 Is there really no way? Let us turn back
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