Standing Tall (исполнитель: Lorrie Morgan)

Everything I've tried to do for you
Has always turned out wrong
It took a lot of love inside of me
To keep me here this long

It's too late to dim the lights again
Expecting me to call
'Cause tonight I'm gonna leave you
And I'm leavin' standin' tall

If I could see inside your mind
I wonder what I'd find
There's somethin' there that's made [bad word] 
Oh, so close to losin' mine

The tallest tree will sometimes bend
Oh but that won't make it fall
I'm packin' it up to leave you
And I'm leavin' standin' tall

Now I'm pickin up the pieces of the heart
That you've been breakin'
And I'm down on my knees
Just to try and find them all

And when I get up one long last look
Is all that I'll be takin'
'Cause tonight I'm finally leavin'
And I'm leavin' standin' tall
Yeah tonight, I'm gonna leave you
And I'm leavin' standin' tall.

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Lorrie Morgan - Standing Tall?
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