Mourned Winter Then (исполнитель: Antony and the Johnsons ft. Current 93)

Mourned winter then
In the middle of harsh day
I saw the moon her
Beaming as the queen
Shook out her broken dawn
And kissed them tenderly.
Shook down from her many stars
Drifting seeds to sleep sowing
Fields of spring clover dreaming of
night bursting with milk and signs
Of coded silent planets, ices and suns
Touched her fingers to her heart
And smiled, “I am in you always”
The pulse in your blood the fire
In your salt the flame in your ghem
Like the night then dull of all
Utter love, uttered spring
From the sleepless seas soaring
Over muddy towers grey graves
The hope light in your eyes
Moved open the spheres and spelled “summer dust”
Heard that that jeweled night still open a thousand stars
Held your body like the wind
And felt the shudder of your mouth sing...
Resurrect me in your stillness
With wing hearts from the sunflower
Towering over the diurnal leaves
 [bad word] your kind face
With doves and starlings
Sweep down like bells on your kiss
If we count the cost of all we stole
From perfect earth and transcendent stars
Fog and forget me not
Goddess awake in trees and seafoam like by the shells
And soaring gulls in
The beauty set in a hollow
World split words and flies in the...
Shall never forget that love
That first sang of stars and
First sealed jars of lamb light
Planted grieves of sparrow
The buzz of night under the sunny skull of mercy
Which breathed out your history
Before your eyes awoke to
“No proofs” or “proofs””
“Letters” or “no letters”
In the dead hand of dead papers
Which have long since left the central
Dance and in dull dull trance
Squealing I ate the feast and
Then I'm the best
And slid into the bloodstreams like a swamp
Nude to the word and the world
Naked to the ethereal city's sweep
And ate our home and throne
.. spheres we are free in
The night twined with vines
And sun babies we are free
In the day lined with tiny moons
I awoke and stared at the sun
Falling into the mouth of those moons
Squeaking of another world and other waves
Fox and vixen in the sunlit night inside
The moonlight place and with us bird song
Smiled the bubble and .. away
Spark flying out of the beaks souring above
The stunned city [bad word] blindly under massed stars
Over the chalk hill driven on
By angelic yells.
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