Metal On The Road (исполнитель: Majesty)

Another night, let us enter the bus
 Heading down on the road
 Getting out when the weels standing still
 Another city to rock

 Enter the stage, dim the light of the hall
 We are swearing the oath
 With Metal sound, let the [bad word] shake the ground
 Let’s get out of control

 I’m standing, demanding
 My power rising high when the crowd is screaming for me
 My heart is forever free

 Metal on the road
 Metal on the road
 Metal on the road
 Out of control

 We live a life full of glory and might
 Heard the ultimate call
 Our army’s strong ev’rywhere in the world
 Bound forever as one

 All those girls waiting after the show
 They are playing our game
 After the gig when the tension is hot
 They’re reliefing our strain
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Majesty - Metal On The Road?
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