Down, but not Out (исполнитель: Cro-Mags)

The youth of [bad word] wild in the streets
They all try to win, in the face of defeat
They steal, they kill, they're going straight to [bad word] 
They don't hear and they don't see that they're not free

When I walk down these city streets
I see the victims and the casualties
Do they stand, a chance today
In a world that's thrown their away

They race to the grave
Don't want to heal
Don't want to be saved

Abandoned buildings that should be homes
Abandoned children left to roam
Broken families broken dreams
In the night I hear their screams

Can't make your future or kill your past
With a spike in your arm or a shotgun blast
Till you have the strength to look within
You'll be fighting a battle you'll never win

Mortality suffered society said
That money is God and [bad word] faith is dead

I see it in their eyes tis life they cannot cope
The system tells them lies, tries to stick us into giving up hope

We're down, we're down, but we're not out
There's still time to find what life's about
Is there a way of telling the troubled youth
That what they see on TV is not always the [bad word] 
We're down, we're down, but we're not out
There's till time to find what life's about
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Cro-Mags - Down, but not Out?
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