9 millimeter with the infrared beam
$uicide homicide be the [bad word] scheme
Loced out smoked out riding with the pistol gripped
1 8 7 on a rat punk [bad word] 
I'm incognito riding through the [bad word] night
The tales from the dead and I'm bringing the fright
Machete in my hand take his breathe when I smite
You might get left so you better get right
 [bad word] through my [bad word] mind
Glock [bad word] back and I'm taking his spine
Talking bout the grey then I make his life mine
Indulge in the [bad word] use the blood as the wine
Don't give a [bad word] bout a [bad word] or a hoe
Cause the Devil told me never love no hoe
[Verse 2: $lick $loth]

Grey cut the chainsaw and make all the brains fall
You might wanna duck off when I'm in the premises
Shooting they face for older mistakes
They had made on bad days when I don't wanna deal with [bad word] 
Miserable signals that I am literal
We talkin bout that $uicide
 [bad word] we some criminals
Making the triggers pull
Indica making me feel so hazy
Going crazy in the shadows of the gallows
Six double Six got a brand new blade for my wrist
Cut it
Watching my blood as it drips
Love it
$uicide till I die
 [bad word] it

[Verse 3: Yung Plague]

Who be that [bad word] rising up outta that grave
Who be that boy all painted grey (?)
Who be that shadow creeping in that dark you ain't see
 [bad word] it's Yung Plague
Spreading the flame [bad word] I'm melting your face
Look in my eyes you will see all the pain
See all the pain that I feel
All the pain that I cause
All the pain that I [bad word] escape
 [bad word] I break the bones of those who get in my way
Dig him a hole
Yeah his whole body lay in the hole as I watch him decay
5 9 gets [bad word] everyday
Everyday I wake up and the sky is so grey
Yung Plague is insane
Raise [bad word] [bad word] raised until my dyin day
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