Irish Air Harbour Of Tears Cubh (исполнитель: Camel)

In this quiet place I stand alone,
from my homeland far away.
And my empty heart cannot recall,
the forgotten dreams that brought me joy

Had I ways to shed the wasted years,
I would travel to my kin.
and with strength and faith in God above,
there in Ireland I would gladly die. 

I am one of seven brothers.
Five of us must leave and start again.
In this land of Saints and Martyrs,
Tears of sadness hide within the rain.

So fare thee well, Remember me...
Sail from the Harbour of Tearss

I can hear my father calling
'Godspeed, my son,
wherever you may go'
He looked so small
down on the quayside.
man I guess
I'll never really know.

Goodbye, lad... I'll miss you,
though I don't show it.
I am a farmer of the land,
I'm not a man of words.
Forgive me my failing,
you never knew me.
Godspeed wherever you may go...

So fare thee well,
Remember me...
Sail from the Harbour of Tears
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