Lights On Da Bucket (исполнитель: Evil Pimp)


There's a lot of niggas with him
But I want him, so [bad word] it
Creep up on that [bad word] [bad word] Hit the lights on the bucket

It's time ho, once again
For catrin, to like do them in
Could he get another [bad word] to the [bad word] into like popin a ten
Take a [bad word] to the dark side, get them him from the blind side
Roll this homicide
Any mother [bad word] [bad word] wanna grow some nuts
I guarantee you gon' die
Front a busta, take a bullet from this [bad word] .44, we gonna make you hit the flow
And a [bad word] had already learn to stole, is we robbery ho
Tell ya bustas start praying up to the lord, before I take you in a ditch
But i dont give a [bad word] about holy [bad word] Cause I [bad word] evilness
You hear them bodies dragging, as i haul them to the lake
If you niggas asleep, i creep in, all late, oh it's gonna be a bad mistake
When the [bad word] knocking right at your door
You better cover up your rear
When they ask you to identify the body
You can't hold back them tears
Destroy them, avoid 'em
Hit 'em to the skull with the Mossberg pump
Then I quickly go blow the head right off a chump
If any [bad word] try, light stops
The [bad word] ELt you [bad word] s know the evilness has now begun
Pulling out the fully loaded [bad word] to like hit you with some


The devils out tonight, hit a [bad word] when [bad word] with the plastic nine
Cause I'm quick to go blow in back of your brain
So, I'm going to tell you one last time
And I'm haunting but also I'm popping these bullets
I'ma put it in your [bad word] Tell your busta [bad word] niggas, better pick up that cash
Or you gonna lay up in the grass
The [bad word] fragments from the hollows leaving virgins dead
And haters ain't cool to be talking that [bad word]  they get a couple in the head
I'm lurking, I'm scoping victims with the loaded ten
And the indo I'm puffing, it gives me powers strong as twenty men
Let me take them to the dead
I'll [bad word] into your carcass, bust a sucka
Can you handle this
Cause I'll turn into Jason, like killers act psycho [bad word]  don't get me [bad word] I call upon the Lady Dead to bring that kiss of death
When you laying down, suffering from fatal wounds
She gon' take your last breath
The [bad word]  my [bad word] clicks too thick, too [bad word] big
And these haters that constantly talking that [bad word]  better get up off my [bad word] It's murder, it's straight up murder when I pop these thangs
Cause I'm to lazy for a child to even provide his thangs


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