Purple Swag Chapter 2 (feat. Spaceghost Purrp, A$AP Nast) (исполнитель: A$AP Rocky)

[Verse 1: Spaceghostpurp]
Back in this [bad word] [bad word]  yeah it's me
Spaceghostpurrp and I put your [bad word] to sleep
Me and my twin at it again with this flow
Sipping on gin, living in sin, lean in the [bad word] RIP to [bad word]  rest in peace to Pimp Shout out to the and that [bad word] SUC
My [bad word] brain is purple, [bad word] 
Everything is purple (Swag)

[Verse 2: ASAP Rocky]
It be that pretty [bad word] sipping that throwed
Gripping my pistol, my chrome
Hidden to hit you then splitting your brick into something
I spit it and flip it like Bone
Niggas ain't ready for the flow switch
Only Harlem [bad word] on his Bone [bad word] Tripping fo's since back in '06
Won't you see a [bad word] getting throwed [bad word] Two middle fingers to the show, [bad word] Cause they selfish in the show biz
Cause they shelf kids and it's hopeless
Career dying quicker than a cold fish
I be the fly young fella, Maison Martin Margiela [bad word] Cinderellas under my umbrella, I go and tell her


[Verse 3: ASAP Nast]
All [bad word] here, [bad word] Satan talking
Told her to take it off, give me the D, she take the offense
Skinny [bad word] balling, trip but never falling
Who said to make it rain? [bad word] I make it pouring
I'm a [bad word] go study my nature
Big chain on me like Treach from Naughty by Nature [bad word] what you saying, away
hater don't faze a gangster
Brought up in danger, all about paper
Smoking on purple, [bad word] I'm dangerous
Nasty, crazy ninety's baby, mama I made it
Up to the sky, goodbye to the pavement
Hoes get caught in amazement
I'm stuck in my ways, so [bad word] 'em up, [bad word] 'em and duck 'em for days
What more can I say? I'm chasing this paper
That's purple, [bad word]
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