Lovin U (исполнитель: A-1 ft. Xiomara (prod. Stwo))

No one shoulda said this before 
Get body and your mind, brought me places I never explore 
And we don’t even speak anymore 
I just thought you should know 

First time we broke up, was over the weaker [bad word] 
Last time that it happen, was a little more occurred
I had to admit, right after the end, the  was immaculate
Passion and savage, yeah 
In a [bad word]  even that fact was up to quit 
Started all like a high school [bad word] 
I like you, I like you til them blush 
But it’s been 6 years since then 
And emotions change with the time, too much 
Try to put in my 2 sense 
Came up too planny and short 
This love ain’t do anymore, we ain’t even cool anymore 

Was no easy test but you can’t lovin’ me
Wish you would be, in your arms cuz baby …
We were the ones that we wanted 
Maybe not the ones that we need it 

(Don’t do it, 
I feel like we can hold on tight)

Use to hang holdin’ hands and carrin’ you 
I ain’t had no plans on marrin’ you
I know you was in to that [bad word] 
But understand the romance can be scary to a man 
To show my attention and affection 
Was all you would ask from me but 
When I was growin’ up in that base square, 
 [bad word] like that was bless to me cuz 
Matt Drave was still here livin’
And we treated his words like gaspo 
And we took that trip to that alliance
And I think you stay in that hostile 
When you love the people, let the tunes out there 
And it take to the food out there 
And then you took some dance classes 
And you met some dudes out there and …
Well... you know…yeah 
Down went down 
I think I’ll change some [bad word] 
I couldn’t hate on it that bad
We were on open relationship 
Up until that point it was pretty once 
Side it was all ‘til they can trip 
But females it will get on one night 
And you realize you had all the thing you miss 
I know you didn’t try to upset me 
You told me you will try to forget me 
I put you throw so much 
But that point, I’m surprise you could still like and respect me 
But didn’t last long after 
I meet someone and went to her 
But I’m gonna laugh in the bad time 
And cherish the time when you were 

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