Fuck You Mean (feat. PackFM, Slug, & Brother Ali) (исполнитель: Domingo)

[PackFM Speaking]
Yeah. QN5. Domingo. I be the one and only
PackFM. And you know? Domingo. We the kiiiiings!

[Verse One: PackFM]
It's the sound of a dude dipped in the Fountain Of Youth
Sippin' a Mountain Dew rippin' it down in the booth
You can say what you want just spell my name right
Talk [bad word]  just learn how to pronounce when you do
BK for my crowns in my boots
Camouflage and fatigues like I'm down with the juice
Now salute the absolutely
Positively, undisputed master who speaks, to massive groupies
The formula is just me Slug and Ali
You want a head count it goes one, two, three
MC is what I do, not what I want to be
lifetime membership with no monthly fee [bad word] with me and let me show you how to
Flip the style to make the crowd clap louder
player in the game that lacks the man power
But I rock to the last hour like I'm Jack Bauer
 [bad word] 
"Bring it live"
"One time"
"Bring it live"
"One time"
"Set it off"
"One time"
"You're gonna have to bring it stronger than that" - Lin'que "Let It Fall"
"Set it off"

[Verse Two: Slug]
Hot [bad word] hoe, here we go again
Never know what the kid got hid below the grin
In a scene where everybody seem so pretend
I did it for the beans and the hand full of skins
And next came the paper and the pheasants
Trying to navigate my way through the wreckage
Ran around the world and made a couple of messes
And now-a-days all of a sudden she makes you breakfast
Be what I gotta be, no apology
Never gonna win the pop culture lottery
Turn down the job your boss offered me
Choke? Possibly
Broke? Probably
But I'm gonna Write For The Fight on my downtime
And I'm gonna fight for my right to a loud mic
I'm a [bad word] around and get the crowd right
Sing up to the heavens just to show them what it sound like
 [bad word] 

[Verse Three: Brother Ali]
Old school city dude
Both shoes [bad word] who
Kick more [bad word] than good all two fifty do
I'm dedicating this fist to the [bad word] in you
Throwback original guaranteed to ? you too
Back in the thrown armed with my latest song [bad word] stronger than the day is long
Rhymesayer number one
Twin City bust your gun [bad word] women the obelisk till the [bad word] done [bad word] And Gun
Not a [bad word]  but sick son of one
Seen the promised land and I've touched the sun
? has just begun
The chance of my reign is a hundred and one
Big bad Brother done
Punished another one
Who let his young mouth misfunction [bad word] So attention all sucker MCs
Bow your heads and bend y'all knees for the Brother Ali
 [bad word]
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