The Gathering Wilderness (исполнитель: Primordial)

You say you know me
I'm the Poison in your veins

My Faith is not [bad word] here
I Break the young and the cold

There is a Darkness here
You cannot imagine you cannot fathom
It speaks to me in tongues
Can you hear it?

I've built my tower of song
From words as bitter splintered bone
Gnarled and wretched, spiteful and harsh
I've cursed the vermin, the vermin of the earth
I've wished pestilence upon the foul and weak
Not just men, but woman and children too
With [bad word] blade across their throats

I've played the tyrant's hand
Against the rhyme and reason of fools
I've prayed to sickly children
In their blackened cities of Filth
You say you know me? Do you?
I'm the poison in your veins
My Faith it is not [bad word] here

The Wilderness is Gathering all its Children in...

"The ghosts of our pasts are gathered at the borders of every nation waiting to reign a terrible wrath upon us. Men's Hearts are turning.
Darker and darker as every day passes. Old Europe is changing, the world is changing. The Wilderness is Gathering its children in, there is
terrible maelstrom Gathering. Can you see it? Do you know it? Where shall you stand."
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Primordial - The Gathering Wilderness?
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