The Wipeout Soundtrack (feat. Toyface) (исполнитель: Edward Scissortongue)

Brain freeze in a dead car, Carcass is lying
On the left floor, minus the headscar
Rise up through the dark, Parcels in night
Like a shark fin targeting deadstop roadkill

Still no thrills on this park bench
Litres a half-rate liquor tank distill my wordplay
Words get slurred at a rate like vermin
Emerge and create my murmurs, the first day
Burn lands, shake hands with the Wicker Man
Give your thanks, still nose deep in a [bad word] gram
Magazines torn into parcels for oblong [bad word] 
Dust racked up as the city sang deeper
Than thousands of leagues like bass
Is the amount is the TNT by the crateload

Deviants stuck in the crime scene
Bathing the scum of the streets sides
Searching for fake gold

Dusk plus one gets stubbed on the tarmac
Lungs ripple, rough, burn, chest hurts
Life in the coal mines
Lurk in the [bad word] with the demons
That's where my soul lies
Creeping on cold nights

Swallowing swords in a slipstream nightmare
Night prayers
Sprint from the door of the house fire
Dousing the streets in DeLorean time trails
Match in the gas tank, boom boom, can't fail

I have dreams that I'm standing alone
At the steps of the next life
And my last words harness
The murderous targets missed
Before my next big breathe, Die

Split second respite, flaming inferno
Great lengths bulge in the weight of my turncoat
Tainted and turn in the [bad word] 
Taint in the [bad word] 
Wait in line to nose dive straight into the wormhole

(I watched the door close behind you
And I walked on to the water
I see fire on the horizon
And I know who your name)

These are the minutes from the numskull seminar
Vaporised letters in the eye of the hurricane
Fortifications have kept us at bay for a while
Watch [bad word] again, pacing my hunger pains
Hungry for morsels and scraps from the frost-bitten porcelain
Pans in your banquets, lay abandoned
Like ghost town, scratched from the map
Face back to the sandpit, bandaging language

Band stand blues bamboozle the bag full of madness
I smoke like quote in a tangled approach
To untangle the heart that you broke with a sledgehammer
Blow to the back of my cranium

Pacing this cage, move, break through [bad word] riddled bars just to claim what they gave you
Analogue [bad word] like lust, [bad word] life
Gunfights tie ropes over slave rooves

Thats what it came to, dream like conclaves [bad word] cotdeath, wishes on your housing
Moss seeps sparkling sediments are weaving
Their black widow messages, a landlover effigy

Gripped by the silhouette, sick of these dress letter
Text riddled heaven sent death bitten elements
Death beds drench in the stench of the simmer head
Guts get spilled for a breath of some fresher air

Without a hope in the widest of worlds
The human fly climbs heights higher than skylines
Higher than sky rockets, made the bricks and stones
To build this home home tight tied to a kite line

Better luck next time, better [bad word] now
Or never like rats in a drainpipe scuttling
Four days left till the planes fly, better get pitchforks
Better get tunnelling

Under the scum, a magnified evil
Lurks in the patterns that the parasites see through
See-through savages, polythene bags full of whitewash passages
(Wipeout land)
We saw the sandbags dashed at the landmarks
White waves laughed laughed as the town went underneath
hundred leagues, worldwide washout
Blue planet flattened the notes of the [bad word] 
The dirtiest stop [bad word] of the litter wide marks in the galaxies graveyard opening
 [bad word] the last days, wild west ways
Tin can tustles lead to life raft shootouts
Venture a carcrash, marred by the barnacles
Parked on the tarmac, last of the life form park
Breathing out a dead note, singing all the lead boat
Ditties to the floating corpses

Stumble, so meet your creator Mr eraser
Shes a brainwash away the remains of the paper. take us
Caught in a maced up major, last man laughing in a world lost waste up
Man better drown rat sound of the mouse trap snapping as the ransacked landmass outback, where the town had nothing but whiteness
About that, id like to thank god for the soundtrack

(Can you hear me? I've been calling for such a long time
And you, falling through the light
Can you hear me? I've been calling a long time
I've been calling, I've been calling for such a long time...)
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