Small Town Girl (исполнитель: Good Shoes)

read a story about a small town girl
Who came from humble beginnings
To just do oh so well
She used to go to raynes park high school
But now she lives in Hollywood
Up in those there hills

Its ok and its alight
But she says everything keeps going oh so wrong in my life
And I say; you’ve got it all you’ve got it made
But she says money honey, darling just can’t buy me everything
And I say everything’s ok
Everything’s allright

I’ve tried everything I possibly can
She said, I bet all I was, was just a shag
She says I’m fed of with just being friends
But I said thats the end of the story
That’s just the way it is

If you ask me for my secrets
Ill never tell
Because you might like what I’ve got to say
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Good Shoes - Small Town Girl?
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