Отсутствует (исполнитель: Неизвестен)

[bad word] all you loyal unionists, wherever you may be,
I hope you'll pay attention and listen unto me;
For well you know the blood and woe, the misery, the toil
It took to down secession on Virginia's bloody soil.

When our good old flag, the Stars and Stripes, from Sumter's walls was hurled,
And high o'erhead on the forwardest walls the Rebels their flag unfurled,
It aroused each loyal northern man and caused his blood to boil
For to see that flag—Secession's rag—float o'er Virginia's soil.

Then from the hills and mountain tops there came that wild alarm;
Rise up! ye gallant sons of North, our country calls to arms. [bad word] from the plains o'er hill and dale, ye hardy sons of toil,
For our flag is trampled in the dust on Virginia's bloody soil.

And thousands left their native homes, some never to return,
And many's the wife and family dear were left behind to mourn.
There was one who went among them who from danger would ne'er recoil;
Now his bones lie bleaching on the fields of Virginia's bloody soil.

When on the field of battle, he never was afraid.
When cannons loud would rattle, he stood there undismayed.
When bullets rained around him, he stood there with a smile,
Saying, "We'll conquer, boys, or leave our bones on Virginia's bloody soil."

In the great fight of the Wilderness, where many's the brave man fell,
He boldly led [bad word] on through Rebel shot and shell;
The wounded 'round they strewed the ground; the dead lay heaped in piled
 [bad word] weltered in their blood on Virginia's bloody soil.

The Rebels fought like fury, or tigers drove to bay.
They knew full well, if the [bad word] they'd tell, they could not win the day.
It was hand to hand they fought 'em. The [bad word] was fierce and wild,
Till a bullet pierced our captain's brain, on Virginia's bloody soil.

But above that din of battle, what was that dreadful cry?
The woods are all afire, where our dead and wounded lie.
The sight to behold next morning would make the stoutest heart recoil,
To see the charred remains of thousands on Virginia's bloody soil.

And now our hero's sleeping with thousands of the brave.
No marble slab does mark the place that shows where he was laid.
He died to save our Union; he's free of care and toil.
Thank God! The Stars and Stripes still wave above Virginia's soil!
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