Rapture Rising (исполнитель: BIOSHOCK RAP by JT Machinima)


Beyond the ocean
lighthouse is waiting for me
The Great Chain in motion
Beneath the waves of the sea

Into the city
All good things flow
The sweat on your brow
Is what you reap and sow

Forge your own fortune
From salt and from sand
No gods or kings
Only man

[Verse 1]

Folks told me, son, you won the gene pool
So I guess I had a head start on these fools
Doesn't take a Winter Blast for Jack to keep cool
But isolation in the deep blue can be [bad word] 

I descend the depths fathom by fathom
As if the ocean opened up and I've been cast in a chasm
Upon a sweeping seascape, genetic accidents happened
But don't blame EVE, the cause of the fall had to be ADAM

If you believe the sweat of your brow oughtta be yours
Listen to Andrew Ryan, the philosophical entrepreneur
He might've put me on blast, but I'll get past his thugs
I asked who Fontaine was, and Atlas [bad word] 

 [bad word] to Rapture, where you can manufacture
Evolution: natural selection's happening faster
Were you shocked when I said I was nothing less than electric
This city's dead but I bet that I can resurrect it

An engine never rests in Hephaestus
Like a [bad word] Vector, giving breath to the breathless
I'm getting quite dependent on medkits
I just met a demented doctor obsessed with perfection

You promised me pretty, Steinman, why did I get this?
I treated your ugliness like an infection!
That's why I took a wrench when I went to the dentist
And my smile was dazzlin' after bashin' his head in

Collectin' weapons, makin' effective inventions
I'll make you vanish like Houdini
When I pump lead in you Leadheads

I call it artwork, want it censored? Forget it
I got a killer's disposition, I guess it's genetic
Death is a choice that I rejected!

Rise, Rapture, rise
We turn our hopes up to the skies
Rise, Rapture, rise
We'll go down with our sinking paradise

[Verse 2]

Roll up my sleeves, so blood will not get on'em
These shackles remind me I started from the bottom
Hello little fish, have you had your cherry popped?
I'm a grown man, damnit, I ain't scared of shots

Shots shots shots shots now my veins are on fire
Rearrangin' DNA? Sounds like playing with fire
Sciences are practiced with a lack of moral guidance
Splicers seek to satisfy their sick sadistic vices

Victims [bad word] villains, angry vandals turn to violence
Sickly children sticking by their less than gentle giants
Minds manipulated by the parasite inside'em
But if you're a parasite in Ryan's eyes, you're put to silence

The great and strong will not yield to the weak and feeble
Better change your DNA if you'd like to fight as equals
Harvest ADAM, feed on EVE, it doesn't make me evil
Because my survival rides on getting Power to the People

Dozens of desperate denizens deal with deprivation
But let's be fair, laissez-faire, forget the regulations
This economy's perfectly working without you
Now let me fill my craving at the Circus of Values

Drawn to this city, like a moth to a flame
Fallin' from grace, swallowed by a watery grave
Now I'll frolic on this stage, I'm a part in a play
Like I was nothing but a puppet, just a pawn in the game
Lookin' for something to set me apart from a slave

Rise, Rapture, rise
We turn our hopes up to the skies
Rise, Rapture, rise
We'll go down with our sinking paradise


Rapture is bleeding through cracks that are leaking
Dwindling memories tell secrets they're keeping
Demons disguised by benign masquerades
Angels climb out of their graves

[Verse 3]

Mind over matter is the practice I'm preachin'
How else could I achieve feats of telekinesis
And I'm an expert at hacking past your defense
Then I'll attack you like a swarm from a hornet nest
(Buzz off!)

The Gatherer's Garden [bad word] #39; short of guests
I've been cleaning'em out, I can afford the best

Do you wish your waist was slimmer?
Or your chin was chiseled more?
Careful, vanity could send us into civil war

In a utopia, who's gonna wanna [bad word] the toilets?
The people in Apollo Square got no other choices
I know how this is gonna end, but I don't wanna spoil it
You try to seize my city? Time that I destroy it!

Just relax, Big Daddy, [bad word] ya
Strike a pose, smile for the camera
I think objectively, just like Ayn Rand does
Attention: will the real Fontaine stand up?

man chooses, unlike a slave
Who never strays from the path that his master paves
Follows every order and does everything they say
Now Would You Kindly... OBEY?
OBEY (x8)

Rise, Rapture, rise
We turn our hopes up to the skies
Rise, Rapture, rise
We'll go down with our sinking paradise

(My city is thriving
Your allies- choose them wisely
Our Rapture is rising
Stand with us, Would You Kindly?)
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