Breakdown (B-Side 01) (Supreme Mix) (исполнитель: Epik High (에픽하이))

Tick tock tick tock
In this town
When i set it off 
Can nobody stop it in time
I'm like a b52
When i'm DR?1?PPIN a rhyme
I'm tired of beefin' with you
 [bad word] blocking my shine
so stop talkin and find another place to play
before i travolta your face away
get your hands high
-or you'll take my grace away
like a vampire you don't want to face the day
i'll make you break away
like tires slippin' in the rain
you'll be drippin in your shame
when your sinking in the drain
-a bomb is tickin in my veins
i'll be thinking i'm insane
i suggest that you BEST BEST thinkin in my brain

a duck out of fear
cuz my flow is an 8-ton [bad word] out of gear

yeah i heard your album
get your junk out of my ear
congrats your d-d [bad word] of the year

We just don't give a [bad word]  uh-huh.
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