The Return (исполнитель: Hilltop Hoods)

Duck and cover, cos when you [bad word] with Suffa it's like the bombs dropped, 
You spit like Bon Jovi, we spit like Bon Scott, 
We got it on lock, deadlock, non-stop, head-nod, 
Even when the song stop, 
Step in the cipher and it's danger, 
I'll set the Pressure on you like a hyperbaric chamber, 
And he don't [bad word] around, we've gained such renown, 
For this state of the art custom sound, 
For them custom built rappers with under skilled narratives, 
The good die young, me and Suff are still bad with this, 
Rhyme style it's lethal, prime time the sequel, 
Aint got a single fan just like minded people, 
I told you from the start, I'm a soldier of the art, 
Effortless, take every breathe and hold it to your heart, 
With Debris and my brother Suffa, so watch another [bad word] for cover, 
It's the return of the [bad word] [bad word] 

VERSE 2: SUFFA & PRESSURE  [bad word]  repulsive, insulting, 
Offensive like feeding a vegan some dolphin, 
Assaulting the system, a system that's broken, 
The cistern is broken, the [bad word] is just floating, 
I spit till your open underground, 
P-Dela-Ressure and he don't [bad word] around, 
Now Album number five, worked hard to earn that, 
No doubt it was a fight, too far to turn back, 
I step in the sun, take the weather however [bad word]  
Although I'm a second son I'm second to none, 
Lesson is done, what goes [bad word] around, 
Suffa's down, and he don't [bad word] around, 
The Hood spits the news like Wolf Blitzer, crews, 
Fear the pit bull in the pulpit, yo it's the, 
World War Three in a whisper – the Mr Suffa, 
And Mr Pressure, we rips it rougher/we spits it fresher 

Your nemesis on verses, the desperate and worthless, 
Try and flame the name we can wrestle in a furnace, 
Never came half-hearted, never came last started, 
Everyday like it's my last till my craft's mastered, 
And we can get it on, 
I'm at peace with myself cause there's a piece of myself in every song, 
I don't just write rhymes, I spent a life time building, 
life line [bad word] night times children, 
And now they love the sound, play me with a, 
Gravyspitter and he don't [bad word] around, 
Ain't no stepping to me, 
Cos P and Suffa bad mutha's like Treacherous Three, 
So feel the heartbeat, feel the heartbeat, 
You feel your hearts weak cos still you can't beat, 
The Hills and aren't we just still [bad word]  
I can feel you love it, we the real blue blooded
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