Interview at the Ruins (исполнитель: Circle Takes The Square)

Hide the petals underneath that bedroom floorboard and they will wither without fail or success.
Put the people in the hollow box they crafted, bolt the doors and watch them perish.
Its a cautious descent, so polite and pensive at first.
But the only [bad word] is change, have patience(every hundredth year, a single breath and then its over...)
Even if only for a minute for a minute its over. Even if only for a minute.
So brave in the face of all those roots [bad word]  to stand so tall when in fact [bad word] 
To face that corner of the box and dive in, just the sound alone of its humble breath.

-So how did it end? Can you describe those final days?
~Broken windows, and resting eyes.
-Can you tell us what happened here?
~They finally got sick of it all, they just gave up... on accepting fate. That was the loophole, they found the achilles heel and managed to strike it down. At the feet of [bad word] is a dormant [bad word]  Dormant but breathing, still breathing. The wind sweeps through it's hallways, echoing at the establishment of their caretakers. An exhalation of cold premonition.
-Can you describe what took place?
~The shock, sounds from a hollow box. corner to dive in. I touched their misery, he just went to sleep. An exhalation of cold breath.
-The kind of breath you could see?
~The shock, the terror. Behold the riddle of [bad word]  When a door is not a door. Behold the riddle of [bad word]  adore.
-Describe the feeling when you knew it all would end. In those final days.
~He gave up. Behold, a branch will continue to grow.
-How did it all end that night? Last night, did they... ?
~Fear, and a touch of their misery.
-And he just stopped breathing?
~It was a single lesson. He just layed down, sounds from a hollow box, just went to sleep. Dormant, dormant but still breathing. Took a final breath. He just went to sleep and just stopped breathing. single lesson will be taught, we will all be taught. Behold the final breath. When they knew it all would end. Still breathing, and he just stopped. Stopped breathing. We will all be taught, taught how to swallow bark.

murmur from [bad word] echoes softly as the roots undo, and the branch [bad word] ..
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