Tropical-Iceland (исполнитель: The Fiery Furnaces)

Goat's head in the deli case
Oh sweet angel-angel-bearded face
Paper maché parade on at night
That's what you do with no sunlight
In the tropical tropical
Tropical ice-land
Bleak church on a cold tundra
Black stone beach and a black death bottle
Is all me and my baby'll need
In the tropical, tropical
Tropical ice-land
Take intermission at the movies
Freeze outside for one quick smoke
Take a klondike bar from the pop machine
Hey it's ice cream, no not coke
In the tropical tropical
Tropical ice-land
Let's meet in Kristiana next summer
Let's get out before we melt away
I've seen enough stray ponies and puffins
To get me through till the end of May
In the tropical tropical
Tropical ice-land
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