Rooks (исполнитель: Shearwater)

Intro :  - - - - - 

             when the rooks were laid in piles
by the sides of the road
crashing into the aerials

                          tangled in the laundery line

and gathered in a field
                                  - - they were burned in a feathering pyre
                   with a cold black eye

               when the swallows fell from the eaves

and the gulls from the spires
      and starlings in the millions
                                   will feed on the ground where they lie

the ambulance men said there's
                          - - nowhere to flee for your life
                  so we stayed inside
           and we'll sleep until
                           the world of man is paralyzed

Oh the falconer awakes
                       to the sound of the bells
                      overhead and southbound
                    they are leaving his life

       and each empty cage just rings
                     in his heart like a bell
                        underneath these cold stars
                    and his trembling night
         and he cries of man
                          "let the [bad word] to nigh
                       let this dream be realized"
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