C.T.D. (Prod. by DJ Babu) (исполнитель: Rakaa Iriscience)


[Verse One]:
One for Bambaataa, two for my infinity lessons
Three for Frosty Freeze, rest in peace and journey to the essence
Dealin' with [bad word] aggression
Heard we lost Camu Tao
Flashback to Boulevard Connections
Mhz, mega hurts but he's at one with the earth
Bring the day I'll choke, bless without funk, Omega serpent
I'm a C.A. all day surgeon
Peep the block and pound pavement
Stay creative rec surfin'
Full nelson stranglin' slang, I never let go
Puppets I'm like Geppetto
Catch me live in Sueweto
Power plant amp
Post office throw my face on the stamp
Celebrate the new open weight champ
This is mixed martial arts on beats
Flow [bad word] the world, slick style sick as all disease
(It's ill)
Cough, sneeze (and chills) [bad word] s real
Treasury throw my face on a colorful new bill
Catch that
Rash that
Cash that, can't break that
Mega acupuncture professor, they can't take that
I know they can't take that weight
I bench press the U.S.
50 states for plates
52 block jail house rock flow
Block to block
My network grows like my locks, like my thoughts flow
Campaign a worldwide spot known
I don't play
It's like a game of connect the dots though

"Just listen to this"
Connect the dots

[Verse Two]:
I'm a freedom fighter, ?
Rollin' with the Zapatistas
I'm out for revolution if they do not release us
It's Rakaa from Expansion
Dilated stealin' fans and
Lakers, Dodgers, Angels, Kings and C.U.
See, L.A. a champion
That's straight from L.A.'s finest
That's straight from Iriscience
That's straight me defining what the state of L.A. rhyme is
As night's get high like gas prices
Work hard and play hard
They ask if the cat's righteous
Man, I'm front lining while they stand in the back
Keep my eyes scanning while I see the beast on attack
I touch Egypt like Tyson did Spinks
Eat a felafel on an island in Greece
Civilized while the violence increase
Under Bush it was most extreme
No choice but to soar with those broken wings
I still tell you to walk hard even though it stings
With each step they cut your feet on your broken dreams
But now
Kids whistle when cops show
Block to block, network grows like my locks like my thoughts glow
Campaign the worldwide spot known
I don't play
It's like a game of connect the dots though

"Just listen to this"
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