You're The Psycho (исполнитель: Diva Destruction)

You blame your victims 
 You've got some nerve 
 You call them all insane 
 And yet you cause their pain 
 You lead them all on 
 I've watched you play 
 How do you sleep at night 
 As you play a [bad word] s game 

 I can see it in your eyes again 
 I can see it in your grin again 
 You're the Psycho 
 And you're the one who's sick 

 Your wicked ways will show 
 You want the kill 
 You only choose the weak 
 And you cut way too deep 
 The great impostor to all 
 And the greatest impostor to me
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Diva Destruction - You're The Psycho?
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