You Were Holding An Umbrella (исполнитель: Boris)

I saw beads of [bad word] down on your umbrella, wondering when I could tell you
that I was hoping you would see everything in your dream. In a dream I am waiting, and
when I open my eyes to find you aren't there. In a rain I am still waiting with my eyes wide
open so as not to be waken from this dream. I am dreaming of your wet hair sticking onto
your face, or drenched shoulder and fixed eyes that are gazing
When I catch your fingers reaching for me, I can superimpose my dream in my dream
I had a dream of you, blaming me. You were pointing your fingers at my eyes.
You blamed me in my dream. Always you laughed at my eyes.
The leaden sky conceals colors, making someone look down who is afraid of rain
The rain of betrayal sinks the dream. The whirl is taller than me, at which I make a scream.
I get swallowed, and carried away. I can't see anymore. Where's the umbrella gone? I can't
see. I hear a voice, deep inside. I'm going to search for you.
I hear a voice, and when I finally find it, my dream [bad word] [bad word] 

I think now I can close my eyes. I've been blinded.

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